School Counseling

VBCPS Mission Statement

The mission of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools Elementary School Counseling Program is to partner with parents, community, faculty and staff to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all student thus preparing them with the knowledge and skills to be productive members of society.

Our School Counselors

Erin Whitt and Karen Racicot are professional licensed school counselors serving the needs of our students at Red Mill Elementary School. They have advanced degrees in counseling and educational support. 
Erin Whitt is our full time school counselor. She is available every day for classroom guidance, consultations and individual and small group counseling. Mrs. Racicot will be in the building on Wednesdays to assist with classroom counseling lessons.
Contact them at 757-648-3572

Classroom Counseling Lesson Topics for Grades K-5

Yearlong Classroom Counseling topics include the Principles of American Citizenship, The 7 Habits of Happy Kids, and Concerns from Growth Mindset. 

Other monthly lessons will include:

September – Responsibility – Study Skills and Test Taking 
October – Diligence – Listening and Following Directions
November – Respect – Getting Along with Others and Respecting Differences
December - Kindness - Understanding and Appreciating Diversity 
January – Fairness – Developing Empathy and Understanding
February – Honesty – Getting Along With Friends
March – Cooperation – Solving Conflicts with Others
April – Self-control – Test-taking Strategies and/or Careers
May – Trustworthiness – Careers and/or Transition to Middle School

What Does the Program Provide Students?

The Counseling Program:

  • Assists students in their educational, career, personal, and social development.
  • Helps students resolve problems which interfere with learning.
  • Facilitates educational and career planning.
  • Increases knowledge of self and others.
  • Supports students with specific needs.
  • Offers crisis intervention and prevention.

What Does the Program Provide Parents?

The Counseling Program:

  • Facilitates a home/school partnership in fostering school success.
  • Provides support for parents regarding their child’s educational development.
  • Shares information with parents to help clarify and/or solve student and/or school-related problems.
  • Assists parents in refining parenting skills.

What Can You as a Parent Do to Help Your Child Succeed in School?

  • Provide an appropriate study environment at home
  • Establish fair and reasonable expectations
  • Take time to listen to your child
  • Maintain communication with teachers, counselors, and other school personnel
  • Participate in school activities
  • Help your child establish realistic career and educational goals
  • Celebrate your child’s successes and recognize that mistakes or failures can be turned into positive learning experiences

How is a Student Referred to the School Counselor?

Students may be referred to the counselor by parents, teachers, administrators, or they may also self-refer.